You just need to take a break.

I have been stuck in that fog for the past two months. Mostly personal reasons. I needed to take care of my health. I think that is a good reason to stop and focus on the present. Most things are pointless if you don’t have a healthy body and mind.

There is a space between wanting to stay and doing nothing and feeling like you’re going to feel something. The people around you as well. You cannot perform when you are unwell. You can quickly become a not so nice person if you don’t have adequate mental space.

There were times when I wished I didn’t need the break, but I wanted to sleep. The bad thing about taking breaks is that you have to finish the tasks that you wrote. Not writing for almost a month has made me sad.

When we are ready to learn, there are lessons we learn. They repeat if we don’t understand them. It was over and over. Our learning was terrible. There were many more moments when I felt at peace for taking care of things that were more severe than my desire to use words on the internet.

Other people use these moments of fog to create more. When the fog is there, I don’t say anything. There is only fog. Breaks are a great place to focus on the lessons we must learn at any given time. It is easy to feel that we must give up our craft and let life happen.

I know better now. I had the time to observe my need for validation and to identify things that could be beneficial to creatives who need to take a break and maintain their creative muscle. I thought so.

Every practice requires diligence. Pay for a day if you miss it. What is the reason? I will be disappointed with my next 30 pieces. I feel like my fingers are in motion. My focus is not very large. I don’t know what my thoughts are.

When you have to miss days, what can you do? What else can you do to prepare for your return? Is Miss 30? It wasWhew.

There are some ideas here.