I thought about the threat of plagiarizing.

Thought about how plagiarizing could affect creative platforms.

Every platform has its self-seekers, those who try to game the system by doing as little as possible on their end and exploiting the creativity of others. Money and fame are usually motivating factors. When does copying stop and the destruction of ideas begin?

Sometimes, they will call it working smarter and not harder, but the reality is that it is leaning toward a black hat attempt to get as much money and attention as possible without adding value to the platform that is paying them. The mimickers are the type of people who steal an idea and then try to change it in a way that mimics the originator. They don’t pay attention to the issue. They give the content distance in time, not waiting. They will cash in as quickly as possible. The internet is all about free speech for them.

The difference between self-seekers and innocent creators is that the latter will show a trend. They have a history of content that seems too similar to be coincidental. We are not talking about those moments of mind-melding experiences where two creators have the exact same idea or thought wave around the same time. It does happen. The similarities are forgivable because they are done in isolation and innocence.

The original voices are drowned out when enough people do this with money and fame as the main motivator.