A simple formula for becoming a better writer.

The most important thing about art is to work. Steven Pressfield said nothing else matters except sitting down and trying.

I enjoyed sitting on the couch. I didn’t like going outdoors. Most people considered me to be extremely lazy. I only ever completed a marathon of my favorite shows.

I used to be a master at College Procrastination. I would always find an excuse if my professor gave me a task. I would say it was too difficult. Someone more competent would do it for me.

Stephen Pressfield’s quote changed my life. I realized that excuses are pointless. What is the reason? Unless you sit down and do the work, nothing will happen. The cash in my bank account was gone. I needed to improve my work ethic because I wasn’t making enough money to support my lifestyle.

I get up at 7am and write an article for several hours at my desk. This routine has helped me to stay consistent, create a daily writing habit, and generate a full-time income. A productivity guru might say that you don’t need a fancy keyboard, perfect lighting, or anything else. Simply open your laptop, connect to the internet, and write. That is it.

Do the same if you want to improve your creative process. If you want to write something, find a quiet place to work. The power of compound interest will create incredible results over time if you show up every day to write.