The man cut off his hand to avoid dying.

The man cut off his hand in order to live.

Aron Ralston took a picture of himself with his hand between the canyon and boulder, and then took a selfies. Aron Ralston is a person.

A hike outdoors. Life can bring us major challenges that will test our character as well as our will to fight against the odds. The challenge of a lifetime is what Aron Ralston faced and most people don’t encounter it. It was either cutting off his hand or dying in 2003 and he had to make a decision. We need to dig deeper into what actually happened because things are not as simple as they seem.

He locked his hand between the canyon and the boulder as he was hiking the canyon. There was no way to move the boulder because it was so heavy. Although he tried to use his equipment, he had no luck.

Aron Ralston loves to spend his free time outdoors and was a mechanical engineer. He kept this hobby throughout his life, escaping his job and going out in the wilderness to explore America. He hiked in the Bluejohn Canyon in Utah in 2003 Even though he was good at hiking, the terrain can always be against your plan.

The small swiss knife he used to break the boulder was not a good use. He couldn’t get much rest because he was in an uncomfortable position that made it hard for him to sit down. He had lost all hope after the fourth day. With his food and water supplies low, death seemed certain.

His chances of being helped by someone were very slim. After the first day he was stuck, friends and family were worried that he wouldn’t come back from the hike. He didn’t tell anyone the path he was going to take. He had a cellphone, but he didn’t have a signal down there.

He knew that the only way he could survive was to cut his hand. It was either that or death, and it was a very despicable idea. The swiss knife that Ralston had on him was not the best tool to remove a hand, and it was only on him. You can’t imagine how difficult it is to harm yourself and not cut your hand. A decision that was very drastic.

He tied all of the ropes around his arm to stop the bleeding while he cut his hand. He began cutting as quickly as possible in order to lose the least amount of blood possible. In Between a Rock and a Hard Place, there is a good description of this gruesome experience. Aron Ralston wrote Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

If your life depended on it, would you be able to make such a drastic decision?