Combat FOMO by using Rebellion.

The fear of missing out is called FOMO.

It feels like everyone you know is doing something, but you aren’t. The energy is infectious and you have been bitten by the bug, but it doesn’t fit with you. Who has that? Come on, come on. You should raise your hand. I know you have felt it before, so I assume you are raising the roof.

Maybe it is the challenge of the book. You are a fiction writer who doesn’t really want to write a lot of posts because your writing friends are busy with their project. Maybe it’s a national event. You don’t write fiction when everyone else is writing a book in 30 days. You are a writer.

I have a solution for you. Even though you don’t really want to be, you wish you were on the boat with everyone else.

The most important thing is the energy of it. A conglomeration of people are working towards the same goal. Take the tail of that energy.

The tiger can be taken by the tail. You can use the energy and enthusiasm to do your own work. If your goal is different, it doesn’t really matter.

It is pushing yourself to do more than you thought you could. You can use the excitement surrounding the event to do anything you want. Let’s take the challenge. Maybe, instead of trying to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days, you make a bigger goal. You have already written a book. Is it possible to write 50 or even 100 blog posts? Something that will make you push.

If you are not a blogger, how to use BYOB. Oh, boy. Rebellion is very stimulating.

If you are a fiction writer and you don’t want to try to post a novel, what should we do? If you don’t want to publish your book via a blog before you try to sell it, what are you going to do? If you have a project that needs your attention in August, what should you do? In August, you are supposed to write 31 posts on the same topic and turn them into a book you can sell to create an income stream or use as a lead magnet.

When a bunch of people are excited about the same thing at the same time, it creates a lot of energy. You can use the energy to do what you want. You should be a rebel. Really, really. Try it.

A series of flash fiction stories that are set in the world of your novel can be created by a fiction writer. They will make a good lead magnet. Need some suggestions? Here are a lot.

You can learn a new skill in August. As you go, teach. You haven’t written about a topic you’ve been interested in before, so use BYOB to explore it.

Use August to create your first online course. Your last draft is to be edited in August. Break it up into 31 parts and complete it in one day.

There are so many possibilities. Around here, there is a belief in rebellion.