There are five best ways to write articles.

1 Become an idea- machine.

How is it that you don’t get any ideas even though they come from everywhere? You don’t have an open mind is the only reason why. Writers struggle with generating ideas. The blank page is the enemy, and they don’t know how to make it spill blood. They can’t write because of this.

How are you supposed to write about new topics when you don’t have any ideas? You are consuming the same type of content and thinking the same thoughts.

Don’t read another book about productivity even though you write about it. If you were browsing online, you should read a history book about Kennedy. If you want to see the interior design course you have been eyeing, watch another class on writing. You need to be open to everything if you want to become an idea-machine.

When you look up from your phone and look at the sky and the trees and the ocean, you’ll get ideas in your brain. You are not looking for ideas about history or interior design. You are putting yourself in a position to get a thought that leads to another thought that turns into an entire article.

You start having different thoughts when you consume and do different things. Look inside yourself if you don’t find anything. How do you feel about your dreams, hopes, and fears? You will discover a lot of stories, memories, and lessons there.

You will want to sit and write if you have an idea. You will not be stopped until you tell the whole story.