Write because you must

Write because you need to.

You can ask a thousand writers why they write, and you will get many different answers. They will include terms like side hustle and to help others. There is only one reason to write on paper, and that is because you must. Every other reason is not important.

I get as much out of publication as the readers. My college days were similar to Tom Beck’s 7 Benefits of Writing by Hand. Retyping stories over and over was exhausting.

I started Write, I Must to arm passionate storytellers with insights and tools they need and as a place for writers with others who feel the same need to get words out of their heads. There are thousands of books on writing. Growth happens when we get rejected, figure out what went wrong, and resubmit.

There is a person who goes against the grain in explaining why writers don’t need a website. I have one but it is for my professional services. I don’t write stories in there. The argument against the inverted pyramid made for an eye-opening read as a former journalist. journalistic writing styles are not just for reporters.

The most genuine writers are not only looking for a paycheck. Even if only one person reads their work, they write because they have no other choice. They don’t let the numbers define them, they’re motivated by claps and comments. They write because they enjoy the game. There is a lot of information that can be learned from people who are still finding their way to the top, as well as from people who have been published by some of the largest outlets. We read to understand what editors want and how we should embrace rejection, but also to learn from other people’s mistakes.

If you want to make extra money or keep a roof over your family’s head, that is fine. There is only one core reason that passionate writers tell stories.