The last guide to social media you will ever need.

The last guide to social media you will ever need is in this 3-Minute Read.

The resident douchebag is asked to give social media advice to every man/woman and their dog because of a tiny bit of success online that was mostly an accident. There are 22 brutally honest tips to get followers, money, and fame.

They call me in and ask me a few questions. Men in suits want to know the secret to making money from social media. The problem is that their intention is selfish.

Is it possible to build a brand? What do we do with the content?

How do we get people to buy from us? What is the strategy?

These questions cause my eyes to bleed and my tongue to slide to the back of my throat, blocking my airway and causing a cardiopulmonary event to occur. What is our story?

Content is an act that blocks the world from ever hearing what you are trying to say, because it takes a beautiful piece of art and turns it into a lifeless, soulless, dry, cold, heartless act.