Wes Watson Net Worth

Wes Watson Net Worth

Wes Watson, a famous Youtuber and Instagram influencer, is here to help those people who genuinely want to make their lives better. Wes’s Youtube channel GP- Penitentiary Life Wes Watson has 430 uploaded videos so far and each video is related to how someone motivates themselves to do something bigger in life.

Wes Watson became a completely changed man after being imprisoned for ten long years. In an interview, Wes stated that his life in prison guided him to set a positive perspective on life and make him a disciplined person. That’s why Wes chose to help people who are struggling with their lives by making inspiring videos.

Apart from Wes Watson’s inspiring videos, if you are curious to know about his personal life, his family, net worth, then stay with us at the very end.

Facts About Wes Watson

Celebrated Name Wes Watson
Real Name/Full Name Wes Watson
Gender Male
Age 38
Birth Date November 26, 1983,
Birthplace San Diego, California
Nationality American
Height 4 feet 6 inches
Weight 240 pounds
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife/Spouse (Name) Valeria Watson
Children Wolfie
Dating/Girlfriend (Name) None
Profession Instagram Personality, Youtuber, Fitness and Motivational coach
Net Worth in 2021 $1.7 million

Wes Watson’s Early Life

Born on November 26, 1983, Wes Watson was raised in San Diego, California. Information about Wes’s parents, whether he has siblings or not is yet to be disclosed.

However, Wes admires his father a lot which can be easily understood by looking at his Instagram post. In an IG post, Wes Watson wrote that he had appreciated his father’s work ethic, and he had never taken a break from work, which made Wes proud.

Even though Wes publicly respects his father’s work ethic, his childhood was full of ups and downs. His family was financially struggling and he hadn’t a good mentor to guide him throughout his teenage years.

At the age of 12, Wes began to smoke weed. And he started to sell weed when he was 14 years old to make some money.

From selling weed, he became involved in vicious crimes like robbery, first-degree assault, burglary, etc. Wes Watson was sentenced to prison for ten years.

During prison time, Wes underwent a significant change in his philosophy of life. When released from prison, he was a changed man. This 38-year-old influencer firmly believes that imprisonment was an eye-opener for him. Rather than going back to his previous life, Wes chose fitness and bodybuilding as his career. He trained his body as he trained his mind during prison life.

Wes Watson’s Personal Life

Wes Watson’s personal life is pretty interesting we must say. He is happily married to Valerie Watson. These love birds have a kid named Wolfie. According to some sources, Wolfie is Wes’s stepson, but he loves this little kid as his own child.

Wes shared how he met his love of life with his followers on Instagram. He and Valerie were introduced on Instagram and after knowing each other for just 28 days, this couple got married on October 31, 2019.

Wes was heavily trolled on Instagram for marrying Valerie whom he knew for only 28 days. But he maturely brushed off all the negative comments and focus on his life and family.

This motivational speaker made a dedicated video on Youtube about the truth of his marriage. In this video, he shared that his marriage life is just like other couples. They have fought two or three times a week, but they overcome it with love and respect for each other.

Valerie Watson is just as popular as his husband. She has 67.4k followers on Instagram and on February 7th, she celebrated her birthday with her audience.

Wes Watson’s Age, Height, And Weight

Wes Watson is 38 years old. He is fit and super healthy through bodybuilding and maintaining a strict diet. Wes’s height is 4 feet 6 inches and his weight is 240 pounds.

Wes Watson Net Worth And Salary

This 4 feet 6 inches tall Youtuber and Instagram influencer’s net worth is estimated at $1.7 million. Since Watson provides personal coaching and fitness training to numerous clients, sources confirmed that he charges $250 monthly from clients. He also earns a decent amount of money from Youtube monetization. No wonder, Wes’s monthly income is close to $30K and his yearly earnings are probable $360K.

Wes Watson’s Career

Though Wes started his career by selling weeds at the age of 14, soon he fall into the sink of the crime world. He did some heinous crimes for earning money such as first-degree assault with a lethal weapon, burglary, robbery, inhabited dwelling, etc. These acts caused him ten years of imprisonment.

Even though Wes’s prison life was quite tough, he fully moved on from his past life when he got released. Now Wes maintains a disciplined life and sees everything with a positive attitude. Wes proudly acknowledges that his prison life has transformed him into the man he is today. And now he would inspire others and help to change their lives.

Wes’s morning routine involved waking up at 2.45 am and finishing his workout. After that, he brushes his teeth and reads books. Wes has his breakfast after Valerie wakes up.

Wes Watson was determined to move out of his dark past and create something that will help not only him but also others. That’s why he created an online community called Watsonfit.com, where he provides fitness training and life coaching.

Wes became popular on Instagram by sharing his past story, and his training journey. And on-demand of followers, he created a Youtube channel within 6 months, to inspire people across the globe.

Wes Watson authored a book titled Non-Negotiable: Ten Years Incarcerated- Creating the Unbreakable Mindset which was published on February 21, 2022. This book is currently available on amazon.

Wes is a strong preacher of discipline and a positive mindset. To him, if someone really wants to change their lifestyle, he/she needs to stop being lazy and strictly maintain a routine.

Wes Watson’s Awards And Achievements

(1) Wes Watson hasn’t received or been nominated for awards so far.

(2) He recently published his book and got a good response from the audience.

(3) Wes abandons his previous life with strong willpower.

(4) His online community Watsonfit.com is popular among fitness enthusiasts.

(5) His inspirational speech and posts are pretty famous among his followers.

(6) Wes Watson’s Youtube community has 430k subscribers and he has 178k followers on Instagram.

(7) Wes lives a healthy and happy life with his wife Valerie and his kid Wolfie.

Wes Watson’s Recent Activities

Wes Watson is now a full-time influencer and guides people to live better lives. Recently he joined Facebook and Twitter to spread positivity and share his past life experience with audiences. Wes had 7925 and 346 followers respectively when this article was being written for you.