Tony Huge Net Worth

Tony Huge Net Worth

Popular fitness influencer on Youtube, ex-lawyer, and entrepreneur, Dr. Tony Huge’s real name is Anthony Hughes. He started his Youtube journey in 2015 and within a year he became a prominent fitness influencer in the Youtube community. He also made guest appearances in several tv-series and movies including an Indian tv show titled Porus and the film called Enhanced.

Dr. Tony Huge once was a lawyer, but not anymore. It’s reported that he sold his firm to tour the world and find more information about the relationship between fitness and health.

This 39-year-old bodybuilder’s net worth is currently $500k. Most of his wealth comes from being an influencer, model, and paid partnership projects. He also does interviews and podcasts to talk about chemical enhancements. All of these are responsible to make him a wealthy person.

So, if you want to know more about this fitness trainer’s early life, whom he has been dating, and how he earned his popularity, then continue to read.

Tony Huge’s Early Life

This American bodybuilder was born on 1st August 1982, in Sacramento, California. His zodiac sign is Leo.

Fitness influencer Tony loves to maintain a low profile by not sharing his childhood, and parents’ names online. There isn’t any information on whether he has siblings or not, and which school and University he went to for graduation.

Tony Huge’s Personal Life

Speaking of Tony Huge’s love life, it’s claimed that he is not committed to anyone and has quite a few girlfriends. However, he has two beautiful daughters named Alley and Cali from his two different girlfriends. He often shows off their photo on his Instagram account, but never posts about their mothers. He addresses them as baby mama 1 and baby mama 2.

After a hectic week, Tony loves to spend his weekends with his daughters. They come over to his place, laugh together, and passes a good quality time.

Tony Huge’s Age, Height, And Weight

Dr. Tony Huge is currently 39 years old. As he is a professional bodybuilder and fitness trainer, his body structure is well-maintained and he has a masculine personality. He told in a podcast that, he exercises 5 times a week and has a knowledge of what’s he putting into the body, which most people are not concerned about.

Tony has dark brown eyes and black hair. His height is 5 feet 10 inches and his weight is 235Ibs.

Tony Huge Net Worth And Salary

Dr. Tony Huge’s net resource is worth $500k as of June 2022. Half of his wealth was created during his lawyer period. But he sold all of it to tour the world. Now his main source of income is his social media accounts. He makes a handsome amount of money from Youtube. Furthermore, he promotes several brands from his Instagram account. However, he didn’t reveal how much he charged a brand to promote their products.

Tony Huge’s Career

Dr. Tony Huge started his career as a lawyer. But he always wanted to be a bodybuilder and help people to teach about fitness and human longevity. So, he left his successful career and started to learn more about bodybuilding.

Tony was known to his friends and families as Anthony Hughes. But soon he became well-known to the people as Dr. Tony Huge due to his vast knowledge of biology, pharma business, body chemistry, and human performance science.

During this time he toured many countries, met with popular bodybuilders, and talked with them to learn more. He did some experiments on himself to learn something new which will change human lives. While this tour taught him so much, he found out the ugly truth about pharmaceutical companies and how they handle supplements and drugs. Instead of keeping his mouth shut, he decided to let the whole world know about the truth.

To talk about chemicals and insider secrets of these companies, Tony wanted a platform where he can share everything with the rest of the world. Later, one of his close friends gave him the idea to open a Youtube channel. Therefore, on August 15, 2018, Tony started his channel under the name Tony Huge Censored.

As of June 2022, Dr. Tony Huge has 35K subscribers on his Youtube channel. He is also active on his other social media sites, especially on Instagram. 16.2K people are following him. He makes reels and posts stories on a regular basis for his followers to enlighten them about how they can change their lives.

In an interview, Tony was asked what make him so successful in his career. He replied, “I was disciplined and sincere. I really wanted to make changes in humans’ lives. That’s why I never stop learning and sharing everything with the world with the hope to change our world into a better place”.

He added, “I sold my law firm to tour the whole world to gather more knowledge about fitness and reveal the dirty secrets of the pharmaceutical companies”.

Tony Huge’s Awards And Achievements

  1. Dr. Tony huge hasn’t won or been nominated for any awards still. But he surely wins his followers’ hearts by sharing immense knowledge with them.
  1. Anthony Huge is acclaimed by the name Dr. Tony Huge since he is an expert in biology, body chemistry, pharma business, and biohacking secrets.
  1. His net worth is $500k at the age of 39 only.
  1. He toured the world and met with some renowned people who help him in his fitness and bodybuilding journey.

Tony Huge’s Recent Activities

Tony Huge is extremely busy learning new things about fitness and bodybuilding and shares his knowledge with the whole world via Instagram and Youtube. Therefore, if you want to keep up with Tony’s day-to-day life, make sure to follow him on his social media sites.