Futuristic Storytelling and Worldbuilding is a creative exercise.

The image was created by an author.

If you follow the steps below, you can respond to the questions quickly. You could use quick bullet points. Write and keep writing. Enjoy.

Imagine that you are a writer or a storyteller. 2120 is the year. A starship is leaving the Earth. There are 12 people on it. This prompt will help you create a science fiction story.

Don’t judge your ideas and keep them flowing. Tell us about the starship. What is the name of it? What are the technical or technological features? Imagine a technology that is advanced. Imagine a future in which technology is the norm. What are the implications? What are they doing? The starship is leaving the Earth. The reason and the back story are important. What are the events that cause this starship to leave the Earth? Think of the purpose of this ship. Where are they heading? What is the reason? What is the purpose of their work? What are the challenges facing crew members? Think about the people who are in this picture. What are they? Where do they originate? What makes them want to do something? Is there any pain? Is it because of their past that they are haunted? What is their personality like? There are any hidden agendas? Special talents or super-powers? Is there Ego issues? Is there any vulnerability? Who are the biggest adversaries? What are they going to do? What will they do? How do they pose a danger? Discuss the events that lead to conflict. How do these events unfold? What is at stake in this case? What do our heroes do? How do they deal with these challenges? How do they get through the obstacles? What do they do to surpass themselves? How do they deal with the darkness in themselves or in their enemies? How do they get67531s? How can they overcome these? Conflicts or trust issues among crew members? What and why? How do they solve these problems? A finale that will satisfy your readers or viewers is a good idea.

The class I taught did this exercise. There is a video of this workshop. You can find this exercise at minute 1.50. Writing down your ideas quickly will help you get started.

We reviewed some of the biggest names in the landscape of entertainment, creativity, and business in the workshop I designed. From space to magic, from basketball to fashion, from animation to computer games, from film music to architecture, we’ve had a tour of stories and careers.