We helped streamline a mobile solutions company’s processes in a business-friendly way.

Mesensei designs and creates mobile solutions for companies. When the company wanted to make their software development processes more productive and cost-effective, they turned to Kodan. We decided to transform part of their service into the cloud. The result of teaming up with Mesensei was a modern new way of working that Mesensei can now carry out their own projects.

We were excited to be asked by Mesensei to help speed up their development by offering technical assistance. We wanted the new architecture to support and enhance the company’s business model It was a challenge to transform the process, but we love a good challenge. The project was to design new architecture to streamline product development.

At the beginning of the project, we felt the vibe about where Mesensei was and had a discussion about where they wanted to go next. The microservice architecture approach was used to split the system into several smaller parts and move them into a cloud infrastructure because it made it easier to maintain. For flexibility and safety, move to the cloud.

The modernization began at the beginning of the year with the use of tools such as Amazon Web Services and node.js, as well as bringing in a senior and junior coder. Mesensei’s programmers were able to work on their own work while our developers worked on moving the image API into the cloud. We decided to use the Mesensei’s API for images as our test feature and move into the cloud. We noticed that we could give Mesensei more help with programming and give them more workers.

The project didn’t require a lot of money or time. It was a swift move that will help Mesensei to do the same with the rest of their services in the future, and in general enables new, established processes. New features can now be developed and implemented quickly. Cloud-based microarchitecture, clear direction and more tools for the future are the result.

Working with Kodan has been easy. Tuukka Yllahti, co-founder and CEO at Mesensei, said they were quick and efficient. At the end of our collaboration, Mesensei was happy with the work we did together and the process. We helped them on their way to expansion.

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