Kristina Beard Net Worth

If you have seen the TV programs: Primetime (1989) or On the Case with Paula Zahn (2009), you may have remembered Kristina Beard. She acted in some movies as well. However, if you search for her on Google, mostly you will find her mother, Celeste Beard, instead of her. Both mother and daughter have earned fame and recognition through different stories.

Kristina Beard, the 34-year-old American Actress, suffered a lot through her teenage years. Her perfect life turned upside down when her stepfather was shot and everyone was pointing fingers at her mother. It won’t be wrong to say her career as an actress is shaped by her tormented childhood.

Kristina Beard’s Early Life

Born on 2nd June 1987 in Daytona, Ohio, Kristina Beard is the daughter of accused murderer Celeste Johnson and abusive Craig Bratcher. After Craig’s suicide, Johnson tried to set the family up several times in different states. Being unsuccessful with a series of marriages, Johnson moved to Austin Texas with Kristina and her twin sister Jennifer.

Johnson became a waitress at a club in Austin, where she met former Fox Broadcasting executive and self-made millionaire Steven Beard. Beard, twice her age, dated Johnson and convinced her to move in with him. He married her on 18th February 1995 and adopted Kristina and Jennifer as her legal daughters.

As Kristina maintained a low profile, we didn’t trace out much information about her qualifications and educational background.

Kristina Beard’s Personal Life

When Kristina’s mother married Beard, she was just 17, the same age when her mother gave birth to her. Within such a short life, she saw her mother struggling with relationships and relocating from state to state. Though it was not clear if she took her mother’s marriage with Beard positively or not, she stated in an interview that her mother married Beard because of his wealth.

Kristina could not see her mother’s happy conjugal life with Beard. Their days at Beard mansion were struggling. Her mother was busy in her lavish life with Beard’s money and didn’t give much attention to her. When she became depressed and was admitted to a mental hospital, Johnson met Tracey Tarlton and became friends. Sources say that they became quite intimate and it led to a family discord issue.

On October 3, 1999, Kristina’s father, Steven Beard, was shot in the stomach in her sleep. Kristina’s mother was sleeping in other parts of the mansion and heard nothing. However, during questioning by the police, Kristina mentioned Tarlton as a suspect. After severe interrogation, Tarlton confessed that she pulled the trigger to save Johnson from Beard’s mental torture. However, when she found that Johnson was not much affectionate towards her, she told the police that she shot Beard at the request of Celeste. Based on her statement, Johnson was arrested and charged with murder. To this day, Johnson is imprisoned and Tarlton was released early due to her testifying against Johnson.

Kristina Beard’s Age, Height, And Weight

This blonde with brown eye color soon will turn 35 on 2nd June 2022. Moreover, we are unable to find information about Kristina’s height and weight.

Kristina Beard Net Worth

It seems like Kristina loves to stay away from the public. We go through her Instagram account to find more information about her career and income, but we failed! However, claimed in their published article that Kristina Beard’s net worth is approximately $500k as of 2022, but her income source hasn’t been mentioned.

Kristina Beard’s Career

Since we have zero details about Kristina Beard’s education, we are not sure when and where she started her career.

Kristina became well-known for having an appearance on two popular Tv programs, one famous documentary slash news program On the Case With Paula Zahn, where Kristina was invited to talk about her stepfather’s murder. This specific episode was named Millionaire Murder. Additionally, Kristina got another offer from Primetime for acting, another famous program on television.

Kristina Beard’s Awards And Achievements

Kristina Beard hasn’t received or been nominated for any awards still. And achievement-wise, she got invited from two popular TV shows, one was On the Case With Paul Zahn and the other was Primetime 2003.