Will Apple Overcome the Odds in Launching Their New Products Despite the Upcoming Recession?

Apple Leaks

As many of businesses have been affected due to coronavirus, apple is no different. This article could be an inspiration for many. It shows how much apple company has suffered due to this epidemic, but still fighting through to make that happen. Although apple might be a big company unlike many of small businesses, but it is good to know that apple used to be a micro-company like any other company. However, adopting and serving through a great lose can determine the great.

This article states apple’s 2020 agendas, and how they are going through a disappointing lose lunching their new products and update the old one. The apple company plan to launch iPhone SE series, to update MacBook’s webcam, release the new IOS 14, AirPods 2, and Apple’s new Android inspired home screen.

With that being said, Apple is suffering due to the low costumer traffic and low hourly sell that because it makes most of its products in china. Thus, this results of stopping production and close retail stores not only in china, but in many other places. Also, due to quarantine the apple stores are empty. Off course, there are other bigger problems to talk about in the world for the time being.


This can be a great lesson to small businesses owners to keep going despite the odd is against them. It is the way to learn and grow. Thus, apple is still planning to launch their product anytime soon, and I believe many other business owners should take that chance as well. Maybe, not to promote their products just yet, but to create and develop something meaningful for when the time comes that may include creating ideas, developing relationships and connections, and enquiring new knowledges. There can become an opportunity to create from this hostility and the choice is theirs.

Therefore, here is the latest update about apples new products and how they are planning to overcome the odd and launch those products.

The first agenda is to update the old iPhone SE Series:

The launching update for the iPhone SE series should have been in the market on March of this year, but clearly it did not happen because of coronavirus outrage. The last time it was updated on 2014, and the new update is promised to be released sometimes tomorrow, April 15. They announced that it will only be viable to order online. New more information regarding this matter is coming soon. Here is what we already know about the iPhone SE update series. It is quoted directly from MacWorld website.

“As we said above the new iPhone SE is expected to look more like the iPhone 8 than the iPhone SE. The iPhone SE had a 4in screen (that’s 4 inches measured diagonally from corner to corner). The handset itself measured 123.8mm by 58.6mm and was 7.6mm thick. It weighed 113g.  The iPhone 8, which has a 4.7in screen, measures 138.4mm by 67.3mm and is 7.3cm thick. It weighs 148g.”

The Second product is more likely to update the MacBook Air’s camera.

There is complain going on regarding the Macbook Pro’s webcam. It was released last year with some good features. However, the apple company did not update the web cam of the Macbook Pro; it is still the same as the old once 750p, and many customers are not happy about it. Nilay Patel for The Verge said that:

”… the webcam in the Air is the same old 720p webcam Apple’s been using forever. It’s fine. It is aggressively fine. I hope someone on the Mac team talks to someone on the iPhone team about cameras before they release another laptop with this webcam.”

Apple Leak

And Dan Ackerman for CNet also said:

“At least you can upgrade [the storage], unlike the 720p webcam, which feels stuck in time and keeps this from being a truly pro-level business machine, although that’s a problem that plagues the entire MacBook line.”

Finallly, Joanna Stern for The Wall Street Journal said that:

“With a fixed keyboard and improved price, Apple’s entry-level laptop is at its best ever—just don’t fire up that webcam”

The third agenda is to release the new IOS 14:

It should be released sometimes close to September 18th of this year. However, this is just a prediction based on a patterns of apple’s previous releases, so there is also a possibility that it might be sooner or later. Apple is planning to announce the features of IOS 14 in their annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). However, since it is not possible to gather due to coronavirus, the conference will be taken online. No announcement for the exact date yet.

There is a possible feature apple might release called the multitask interference where you can play up to 4 apps at the same time. Another possibility is also a feature called set default app where you can set any app as a default. Not sure if everyone knows, but apple do not have this feature. For example, if click on a link, it will use Safari and you cannot change that for a third-party app. In IOS 14, you would be able to set chrome, opera or any other brewer of your like as default app. The same idea can apply for using emails. There many other features mentioned in Tom’s Guide article; you can click on the link to find out more.

Lunching AirPods 2:

The new Airpods looks the same as the old one, but with new impeded features. Includes:

  • Siri’s functionality
  • Wireless charging
  • Last 50% longer
  • Faster at switching devices

By using the Siri functionality, you can change the volume and/or switch the song through voice command. The old Airpods has a W1 chip, but the new one has a H1 chip; this allow switching between devices much better and faster. In addition, the connectivity is also improved especially with Bluetooth with a bigger range. Not to forget, also the wireless charging case; it comes with Qi-based wireless charging. You can either buy the Airpods without the wireless charges for $159, or you can buy it with the wireless charger for $199. It is better to buy them togother if you want both because the price of the wireless charger is $79 separately. Thus, it is cheaper to buy them as a bundle.

Lastly, Apple’s new Android inspired home screen:

The new apple screen will resemble Androids in its features. You can use widget in the home screen of the apple phone. Not only that, but also you can categorize your phone apps based on alphabetical order, recent used, most used…etc. Those are probably a few of many features added. We could wait and what coming next.


To sum up, this is a news, but also mixed up with hope and opportunities because I know, there are many people who need to hear this. Especially when the news is filled with horrible losses. This article is aimed to show you that there is another side of all this chaos. There is another day awaiting and tomorrow shell come with the rising sun to brighten our own path.


What do you think about apple attempt to accomplish all those steps despite the harsh circumstances? Some people might argue that big company attempt might affect business owners. Do you agree this can be an inspiration to small business owners if apple defeat the odds or do you think that it might negatively affect small businesses?

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