When I was in crisis, a social worker gave me Mormon Lingo to use.

I called a crisis hotline. It was less than helpful. It made the situation worse. The issue was created by a social worker on the other end of the Utah County Crisis Line.

She talked about thinking positive thoughts. I know that social work helps people who are depressed and suicidal, but I don’t think thinking positive thoughts can help. Patients should be encouraged to grieve. She didn’t say anything about yoga or exercise.

She is not speaking so it would not be bad. Not from the heart at all. I was suicidal.

I got at these ideas. I said that I had compassion for how she was handling the call since her thoughts are not her own. Her answer? Perhaps this photo expresses the culture of the Mormon church. After I told the crisis worker that I was considering killing myself, she gave me a Mormon idea about thinking positive thoughts.

The Utah County Crisis Line has a slogan that says, “Let us be your lifeline.” Hopefully, this lady is gone soon. She missed out on helping people in pain. She dropped the ball, how much? Is she short for a long time?

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