Is writing valuable?

Yes, I say so. Don’t do it all.

There are many different styles of writers who write about various topics. is an art website.

The essayist was deep thinking. There’s something.

The haiku poet is a man. The one-minute-wit writer is funny.

A poet. The short story fiction writer is a man.

The poet is serious. The writer of horror stories.

The Dr. Suessy is a rhyming poet. The How-To writer is a book.

The listicle writer is a writer. A motivational writer.

The comic writer is a writer. The personal statement.

The journal writer was very feverish. A satirist.

It’s fun to experiment. Writing should be enjoyable. If you want, write it all down. Try things on for size. I am aware that there is no writing police waiting to handcuff you or take your writing permission slip away.

This is valuable writing to me. It’s all important. I wrote all of this myself.

I don’t write for anyone else but myself and my inner future old lady.