I completely ignore one popular writing tip.

“Target Audience” doesn’t always matter as much as I think.

Almost anyone will read a good story if you write it. I really believe that. I think you can get too focused on things that don’t matter if you worry about a “target audience”. You need to think about what is going on. Writing is not a science.

The term “target audience” puts you in a box. If you say you’re going to write a bunch of blog posts for people in their 20’s, then you better be writing them for people in their 20’s. No matter what audience you are writing for, emotion plays.

You can not. You have to write in their 20s. It makes it hard to be a writer because you don’t have any freedom to do anything. If you want to write about a relationship, what should you write about?

You will arrive at your target audience organically if you free yourself from boundaries as a writer. Who is my target audience? I think people like me.

Most people only have a few topics they want to write about. Travel, writing, life lessons, and relationships are some of the things I like to do. These are the four topics that I am talking about. You will never read a cooking article from me. I do not care about that.

She is humanized by that. I love her and want to support her, so I want to read her more even if she focuses on something else. Too much emphasis on the target audience can dehumanize you. Shannon writes personal sh*t that makes her endearing to me.

Who do you want to hang out with more? Are you a teacher or a friend?