Beth Anderson

Permissionless Professors: David Perell.

We think that monetization is a hidden secret. There are secrets hiding in plain sight. The psychology of anchoring, the mathematics of power-law pricing tables, the application of demand elasticity, and the market positioning of your price are all part of the path to better monetization. Follow.

What’s going on with the flu?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, warned of a long and harsh flu season in January 2020. The B strain began months earlier than usual. One of the worst flu seasons in decades was expected in 2020. The WHO declared a global health emergency due to the coronaviruses epidemic. …

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A.I.’s “Doomsday” could look different than we think.

Our technologies have profoundly changed the way the world works. Artificial intelligence is not going to experience any sort of apocalypse, according to experts. They emphasize that these types of scenarios are not realistic. By the time A.I. is sufficiently advanced, they claim, we will have carefully planned for a host of worst-case scenarios; circumventing …

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Write because you must

Write because you need to. You can ask a thousand writers why they write, and you will get many different answers. They will include terms like side hustle and to help others. There is only one reason to write on paper, and that is because you must. Every other reason is not important. I get …

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