Adult Actress Donates Earnings to Charity


What is your general perception of a girl who takes off all her clothes for on-screen sex? the inevitable shaming happens. Rarely is a good word said about this “Mother Teresa’s” of women! People talking ill of these women should be praised for their bravery and desire to succeed in this cold and dreary world. Elena koshka charity work will get you stunned!

But today your perception will change with this article. The girl I am talking about is called Elena Koshka. She is basically Ukranian-Russian heritage but was born in America. This lady should be applauded and praised for what she did for Kenyan women in one of Kenya’s prisons. What did she did exactly?

elena koshka

She used money that she had made from doing her sex films to buy toiletries for women in an unidentified Kenyan prison. She took to instagram on her elena koshka real name account (@therealelenakoshka) to thank her fans


The irony is this situation is that many women’s organizations in World will not even get close to doing what she has done! Even with the enormous backing that they have. Let us honour and name a road after this modern Mother Teresa again!

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