A new age of Enlightenment Online is being written up by us.

The internet is the hive mind that can make a better society happen if we unite in pushing back against the diktat of greed that keeps producing overwrought pathos for clicks and bucks. It will take a while for our intellectual labor to yield results, be they financial or otherwise, until we think out loud in print.

The blueprints for a better humanity are being laid down by us. The sooner we learn how to be better together, the better for everyone. When we approach writing as service, we break down barriers and slay stigma, but it takes time and it is a team effort. Sharing our personal narratives with integrity, humility, and most of all accountability is what the internet thrives on. For now, we are sowing the seeds for a new system instead of using the current one for our own benefit. Greed will eventually become obsolete when it is realized that it may have amassed financial wealth, but credibility, respect, or usefulness remain beyond its reach.

In a culture like ours where individualism is the norm, it is surprising that we lead change by putting others first. Those who get to carry the torch have first dibs on what the future will look like and that is priceless. No matter how much we make from sensationalism, it’s a zero-sum game because it doesn’t offer any societal value and we just get to keep our money.

Isn’t this extraordinary?